Kelly and Ryan

Guest Guide and Show Highlights

September 9, 2013

Credit: David M. Russell/Disney ABC

Five-time U.S. Open Champion SERENA WILLIAMS speaks with Kelly and Michael.

“Katie” host KATIE COURIC stops by.

Credit: Steve Erle

Actress and model STACY KEIBLER sits down with the hosts.

In addition, in celebration of Kelly and Michael’s first year together, “LIVE’s” in-studio audience also will have the chance to join in the fun. With “The Anniversary Games,” one audience member a day from Monday-Thursday will have one minute to win up to $1,000 dollars.

September 12, 2013

Want to find the pizza items Kelly and Michael tasted on today’s show?

You can find the Doc Popcorn — a gluten-free Poppin Pizza popcorn made with whole-grain kernels and real cheese– on their website, The company uses 100% corn oil and natural ingredients to make its snacks, says co-founder Rob Israel.

Journey,, introduced a gluten-free Pizza Marinara nutrition.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia sells a pizza-flavored ice cream — hold the sausage. You can find it at

RICKY GERVAIS visits to talk about the series “Derek.”