Live's Road Trip Survival Kit

MAGIC MAP HACK: Backseat facing ribbon... Mom/Dad adds the first state... have an envelope, containing all states and kids hang states up, with mini clothespins, as you travel.

NAME GAME: Kids are starting to get restless. Mom/Dad suggests a game! Name game is when you sing Kelly, Kelly, bo-belly... then the rest of the group joins in, one by one.

FINISH THAT TUNE: Name Game isn’t working... kids are bored! Mom/Dad turns on the radio, we hear a portion of a song, mom quickly turns it off... take turns finishing the tunes!

TRASH STASH HACK: Eating snacks and the back seat is a mess... Mom/Dad whips out a tissue box, stuffed with grocery bags, to clean up the mess... with reused/recycled materials!

FORTUNATELY UNFORTUNATELY: Mom/Dad thinks another game is in order... they’ll start with a positive thought, like, “Fortunately we’re headed to the Grand Canyon!” Then they’ll toss to the Debbie Downers in car with an UNFORTUNATELY... like “Yes, but we’ve still got like 36 hours of driving ahead!”

THIRST BREAK HACK: All this driving has made us thirsty! Mom/Dad has drinks stashed in a handy car hack... a muffin-tin-in-a-basket that holds multiple drinks at once!

2 TRUTHS AND A BIG FAT LIE: Natives are restless again! Mom/Dad suggests the game 2 Truths and a Big Fat Lie... starts things off herself... and others guess the lie and continue.

QUIET GAME: Mom/Dad is getting tired.. time for some silence! Kids, let’s see who can be quiet the longest!

TRUNK JUNK HACK: Uh-oh... car broke down! We head to the trunk for my shower caddy filled with supplies... 2 neon reflector safety vests, flares, fix-a-flat, a flashlight, paper towels, a first aid kit.