Travel Essentials with The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need an adapter to be able to plug in your phone and any other products that need electricity…go to your local drugstore and pick up something like this…

Noise-cancelling Headphones…block out babies crying, the man snoring next to you and all of the other unpleasant cabin noises!

Personal Mini Humidifier…USB or battery operated portable travel humidifying device for use with water bottles. Travel on planes and in hotels dries your sinuses…here’s the solution!

Collapsable Water Bottle…stop tossing your half-filled water bottle at security check-in…or refilling those plastic bottles, once you get past security. Folds up to fit snuggly in your bag and fill it up anywhere!

Multi-Purpose Fleece Travel Blanket…built-in bag, easy to fold and no more wondering how clean that airplane blanket REALLY is!

Personal Wi-Fi hotspot…set up a hotspot with your mobile service provider to have service around the world…

Kid-Proof Tablet Case…you’ll want to keep them entertained and QUIET in the airport, on the plane and at baggage claim…but kids drop things and you don’t want your expensive tablet smashed!

Small Travel Electronics Cable Organizer…easy to pack up your hard drives, cables, chargers and batteries for your next flight.

Collapsable Pet Bowl…space-saving food and water dishes for your furry friends who love fly with you.

Airplane Headphone Adapter…yes, many airplanes STILL have those pesky two-prong headphone jacks…keep this one in your suitcase!

Charger…long flight? Keep your electronics going by packing a charger…

Chin Supporting Travel Pillow - Supports the head, neck and chin in any sitting position…finally get some sleep when you fly!

DIY snacks…stop relying on airport and airline food…bring your own for you and the kids…
• Dried fruit
• Pretzels
• granola bars
• individual tea bags
• individual hummus and pita chip packs
• Cheddar crackers (Goldfish, Cheddar Bunnies)
• string cheese
• cereal
• plain cooked pasta
• sandwiches
• fun fruit snacks (something they don’t normally eat at home to keep their minds off boredom)