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Connie Seacrest’s Oyster Casserole Recipe


Scalloped Oysters (for 6 servings)

?6 to 8 Scallions(white & tender green parts) finely minced
?6 tablespoons butter
?1 1/2 cups (tightly pressed down)crumbs from fresh white homemade
type bread
?salt and pepper
?24 Shucked oysters, drained
?2 tablespoons melted butter

?Saute scallions in butter for a minute or 2, just until limp. Stir in crumbs

?Saute, tossing fir 2-3 minutes to brown just a little. Season to taste.

?Spread half of the crumbs in baking dish, distribute oysters on top
and spread on remaining crumbs and butter. (may be done several hours ahead and refrigerate.)

?Preheat oven to 450 about 15 min.

?Bake casserole 5 min. or so until bubbling hot and crumbs have browned.

?Serve at once.