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Wendy Bazilian’s Mediterranean Summer Potato Salad


1 pound red potatoes, cut in 1 inch chunks
2 Tablespoons rice wine vinegar
3 Tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 teaspoons fresh thyme, removed from stems and chopped (or 1 teaspoon dried thyme)
1 teaspoon oregano
1/4 teaspoon fresh black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup cherry or teardrop tomatoes, halved or quartered
1/8 cup capers, drained and roughly chopped
1/4 cup chopped Italian parsley (about a handful of fresh leaves)
1/2 lemon (for 1-2 Tablespoons juice)


1. Place potatoes in a medium pan and fill with water until they are covered. Bring to a boil on high heat. Once boiling, reduce heat to medium-low and allow to simmer for 12-15 minutes until the potatoes are fork tender. Drain and let sit.

2. While the potatoes are cooking, mix the vinegar, oil, garlic, thyme, oregano, black pepper and salt. Combine with the potatoes and mix until coated.

3. Add capers and tomatoes. If the potatoes are still warm, wait until they are cooled to add the chopped parsley and mix together. Squeeze with half lemon and toss again.

4. Refrigerate and serve cool or room temperature.

*You can also use Italian Seasoning or experiment with other blends in place of the oregano and thyme if you choose.