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As a writer, educator, food enthusiast, and award winning journalist, Dr. Wendy Bazilian brings experience in nutrition science, public health, and counseling to her work. She is a registered dietitian and an American College of Sports Medicine-certified Health and Fitness Specialist. She is aconsultant and writer for the spa industry and is cofounder of Bazilian's Health Clinic in San Diego

A few tips for a successful breakfast:

  • Find your style and keep it simple. Are you a hot cereal or smoothie person? Do you require a grab-n-go breakfast or can you make time for a brief seat at the table. Plan around your style.
  • Include some protein to increase satiety and keep your energy steady all morning. Eggs, nuts, beans, yogurt, milk and cheese, lean poultry or fish, and clean protein powders.
  • Have a fruit and / or vegetable at breakfast (and every meal) for those health-promoting phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • If you include grains, stick to whole grains at breakfast.
  • If you’re having a smoothie for breakfast, enjoy it as the meal, and not a drink in addition to food to keep tabs on those calories. And if you like to juice—make veggies the main ingredients and use fruits to sweeten.
  • Hydrate with green tea, coffee, and ginger ‘tea’. They not only help keep you hydrated, but may help rev the metabolism and keep you alert. And include water, too—flat or bubbly.
  • Don’t forget to add herbs and spices. Sure they offer flavor to the meal, but they can help you reduce salt and added sugars, and have some health properties too! (red pepper and ginger boost metabolism, cinnamon can help with blood sugar balance, and more.)
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Save skipping for your feet, not for this key morning meal!