Gardening Hacks

Presented by Monica Mangin

1- Water plants with a plastic bottle when you’re on vacation- Make a nail hole and tip water bottle into soil. Will slowly drip for the week! Great for summer travels!

2- Retain water in hanging planters with a CLEAN diaper- Kinda GROSS kinda funny!

3- Use stale ice cream cones as biodegradable planters. When it gets too big for indoors, stick the whole cone in the ground!!

4- Produce sweeter tomatoes by surrounding your tomato plant with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda around the plant directly onto the soil. The baking soda helps neutralize the acidity in your tomato crop, thus producing sweeter fruit.

5- Use coffee grounds OR egg shells around your plants to keep pests away!!
6- Another use for eggshells! Save them all week and thenGrind them into powder and sprinkle on plants for a calcium boost!
7- Turn food waste into liquid compost with a blender. Puree food scraps with water and spread throughout your garden. You may want to add water and work the soil with a small shovel to ensure all nutrients are absorbed

8- Change the colors of your hydrangeas by putting pennies in your soil. The color changes based on pH level! Well show various colors
9- Homemade weed killer - NO CHEMICALS- dish soap, vinegar, salt!
10- Insulate tomato plants with plastic wrap on early and late season cool nights!

11- GARDEN in a bag! Grown Potatoes in a black trash bag!